Safety Guidance

Alongside each plant description in the price list are P.P.E. numbers.

The numbered guide below will assist in the correct selection of Personal Protective Equipment of our hire products.

NB: These are for guidance only and therefore NOT a substitute for your own risk assessments.P.P.E.

  1. Safety Goggles EN166
  2. Canadian Rigger Gloves
  3. Dust Mask FFP2 (fine dusts, oil & water based mists)
  4. Ear Plugs / Defenders EN352-2
  5. Welding Gauntlets
  6. Welding Goggles EN 169
  7. Welding Mask
  8. Welding Respirator FFP2S
  9. Safety Footwear
  10. Full Body Harness
  11. Safety Helmet
  12. K1. Safety Kit – Canadian Riggers / FFP2 Respirator / Safety Goggles and Ear Plugs.